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Description: Logan Payne...He wants to be a Star…A ROCK STAR. So he sees an auditioning opportunity for a guitar player. Does Logan Payne have what it takes to make it? Sometimes talent just isn’t enough either. Commentary: DON’T READ UNTIL AFTER WATCHING… Boy that was hard! I didn’t have a prearranged song. What I did was create the song to the character’s movements. But I thought it turned out nicely. The song may not sound like it makes sense, however it is a jam session since it is the first time these people have ever gotten together to play. This started out as just a Music Video since I never did one in that genre before. However…it turned out to have a short story inserted in to it too. Also…this is my poor attempt at humor too. I never had much talent for music…but I guess I can live my Rock and Roll dream through Logan Payne. The title started out as AUDITION, however I changed it to THE CONTRACT at the last minute. I’m still not sure which title fits best, but I finally settled on THE CONTRACT because of the theme of the story. Believe it or not…I feel this story is somewhat true. My reasoning for the Clown makeup in my story line is this… Can you believe all of the people that make it big in the music industry using some type of strange gimmick in their act? I can’t believe some of the stars that make it big in the entertainment world. Not to offend anyone, don’t get me wrong…I like some of those groups too. But how did they get to be such big stars. Sometimes I really think that they did sell their soul for fame and fortune. How else could they do it? Just my opinion. Also…if your asking What Happened to the REST of the Band members in the end? That ended up being Logan’s contract signing and his alone.
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