Silver Creek Part 1

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Description: Movie by kangaroostudios. Originally released March 8, 2006. Unfortunately there never was a part 2. When you ain't got nothin' to lose, death is only a word... Don Marcus is a former outlaw... He gave all that up for the one he loved... But, when life takes a turn for the worst, he has a newfound outlook on life... ----- Watch the movie and you'll find out what I am talking about :)... This movie is the beginning of a 3-4 part series and includes full VO's! So be sure to check it out!! I always put alot of time and effort into each of my movies so, I hope you enjoy the flow and timing of everything... To me, it's key to have a movie that just flows nicely... It makes for a more pleasant view :P... Also, I have created a poster which you can view here: Enjoy!! :) ----- SIDENOTE: ----- Nevermind ZeldaCubeGamer's stuff that he posted after his review. LOL, he mistakenly copied his entire post from a forum thread I created on another site. LOL, we had a good laugh about it :D....
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