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Description: SEASON ONE, EPISODE TWO - \"Trail of Darkness - Part Two\" The Valhalla stumbles onto the aftermath of what is assumed to be a pirate attack. However, in the middle of a search and rescue of the civilian ship Dawnfire, they are attacked. Now the Valhalla has to fight it's way to the secrets, that brought them here. STARRING: Captain Alexei Nikoli – Orky Executive Officer [LCMDR] Cigol Nikephoros – Shawn Gee Chief Medical Officer [LCMDR] Lucas Rodden – Gadrius Chief Engineer [LT] Robert Dext – Brandon Montoya Chief Comms/Operations Officer [LT] Breon Ty – Mneros Head Navigator [LT.] Tonia Liala – Jaime Smith Chief Tactical Officer [LT] De’nala Nai’ti – Alteregotrip Lt. Colonel Howard Follox – WarLord Dr. Michael Stratos – Killian CAG, Major Kareem Wills - Bu GUEST STARRING: Admiral [of the Fleet] Faith Rosline – Lucy Georges
Categories: Action Science Fiction