Hitman Blues

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Description: Hitman Blues is my Crime/Drama/Action film. This is my 3rd Vo film. I hope you enjoy it! I had fun making it! Warning some Strong Language and Violence are in this film. The Cast Uber Bella Chris62 Josephkw Macwemyss Soda89 Rayne16 Me Mods from 8-Eyedbaby,TheMovies 3D, and Machinimods. Mods by 6-Headedmonster,Samyhouse,Frassmovies, Pookashells,Darkwolf176,Uber, and Gargamel93. Music from Newgrounds and my record player ;) Music by Pink Floyd,Johnny Cash,Elvis Presley, The Rolling Stones,MaestroRage, and MusicWizard. Special Thanks to the Cast. Thank you!! Thank you for your time. Please comment! Till next time, Peace out and Rock on!! SMOKSTIR13
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