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Description: here it is, after almost a years work, the conclusion of the grayskull movie. thanks to all who have followed the project, i had a lot of fun and frustration in equal quantities in bringing the script to life. as always, the incredible cast were the key to the wholestory. they are: adam / he man - josephkw skeletor - johnnyEx teela/evil lynn - bella duncan/mossman - 6HM eternian rebels - macwemyss, TINMAN, JosephKW Hordak - Orky Krounus/Trapjaw - Mustachio26 and with too many voice credits to mention, the incredible GOOFPARADE voiced the following characters: beastman,stratos, ram-man, orko, fisto, eternian guard, tri-clops. also a huge thanks to bud bunds mullet for the castle grayskull model. music comes from lord of the rings, the mummy returns, 300 and the indiana jones trilogy soundtracks. enjoy, and remember its a little rough around the edges due to it being my first venture with iclone.