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Description: *****Plese Read Before Watching***** Error: when the Swat Officer puts phone away your ment to know he is putting it on loud speker And Please Turn the volume up for full pleasure Story: Moore's Drug Dealers Andy & Greg are being pursued by a Over Eager Detective but when The Police chief offers to kill the Detective and ask Moore to get Andy and Greg to pick up a mayjor shipment of Crack Cocain everything goes sideways Starring: KirinRiotCrash: Andy Rjb2112: Detective Inspector Walker Pookashells: Police Chief FredTheDuck: Greg FrankieTheMan: Moore EXTRA's Platinumpictures: Swat Officer ZanNight: The Buyer Mods By: Butc[play nice now!]d_Studios (blood makeups, gun sounds and guns) 6headedMonster: (Blood puddle) CrazRick: Craz Office Eobaggs: Future Corridor Music: Andy_Inc and MatthewMagic Credit Overlays By Pookashells Crack & FredTheDuck Overlay by Damien7 Directed By Platinumpictures Overlay By Verguit Writen & Directed By Platinumpictures Please Enjoy
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