Shadows of Fire: Line Between Black and White Pt 2

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Description: Part Two: G'Char is forewarned of an impeding storm on the horizon, which he long thought was gone. J'Tala begins to show concern for G'Char's erratic behavior. Cast: G'Char - Jorge Campos Myself - Poulet Noir Fur'til - Fulkster J'Tala - Lucinda McNary Admiral Rosline - Sisch Commander Nikoli - Orky Doctor Lucas Rodden - Howitzer Planetary Security Chief Thorn - ubernewbie Sekan - Mustachio26 Security Officer - Acemaster Leader #1 - Shawn Gee Music: Ready for War - blackattackbitch Dream of Water and Land - Semaphore Corrupt - Taylor Tech Russian Concerto - 1st mvnt - Simon_F Serenede of Storms - BlazingDragon
Categories: Science Fiction Drama