Princess of the Universe: Extended Edition (v.1)

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Description: Previously posted as a seven-minute short on YouTube, this is the new extended edition of 'Princess of the Universe', a fun throwback to classic sci-fi space opera, created using "The Movies: Stunts & Effects". Brave space captain Scorpio Hunt and his crew are escorting the beautiful Princess Leanna back to her homeworld, when Hunt's archnemesis, Commander Mordred, launches a ruthless attack. The ship is boarded, the captain is captured, but brave Princess Leanna saves the day. 'Extended Edition v.1' adds new and extended scenes, sets and costumes, visual effects shots and 'freecam' angles, taking advantage of the improvements to 'The Movies' that its expansion pack, 'Stunts & Effects' provided. This also more than doubles the running time of the original version to over 15 minutes. Over time, subsequent 'versions' will add more small tweaks and treats, not to mention subtitles (so that the characters can finally say something that's not in the game's native Gibberish). Some new modded costumes were provided by FraasMovies, one of many fansites for 'The Movies' offering 'Mods' that can enhance both your movies and your gameplay. I am pleased to offer the original uncompressed high-quality version of the extended film via MegaUpload. Hope you like it. (337 MB) The Movies official website: