The Gift

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Description: Phil Carey, a lawyer at the height of his career, is also an aspiring composer who is losing his ability to write music. Emily, a lonely young woman, secretly admires him. But it is the ghost of his ex-wife, Marie, with whom he communes every night. Directed by Kate Lee & Sherwin Liu Written by Kate Lee Music by Sherwin Liu ~ VOICES ~ Marc \"GP\" Cholette as Phil Carey Sonya Cross as Emily Virginia \"Dulci\" Maddy as Marie Ricky Grove as Keith Mandelbrot Tyre McAllister as Greg Lauren Weyland as Alex Melanie Greaves as Zinnie Robert S. Benjamin as Wilson Scarlotte as Stacy Kera Hildebrandt as Parrot Kid Millions as Child Paul Carr as Coffee Shop Customer Edwyn Tiong as Co-worker #1 Brandon as Co-worker #2 ~ MUSIC ~ “Sonata No.2 in D minor, Op.14” by Sergei Prokofiev performed by Sherwin Liu “Sonata No.14 in C# minor, Op.27” by Ludwig van Beethoven performed by Sherwin Liu “Shio (Original Mix)” by Alberto Pagnin “Tocadisco and Nadia ali - better run (Dj Sdeey remix)” by Dj Sdeey \"La Rupture (Lohstana)\" by eP mAXI 3 tITRES \"Get Down (ft Damizza)\" by N'Playaz ~ PUBLIC DOMAIN FOOTAGE ~ “Master Hands” (1936) Prelinger Archives “The creation of the Cat's Eye (part 2)” NASA, ESA and Romano Corradi (Isaac Newton Group of Telescopes, Spain) “The Veil Supernova Explosion” “Spacecloud (artist's impression)” “Crab Supernova explosion” ESA/Hubble (M. Kornmesser & L. L. Christensen) \"Hubble VNR2: Special 2 Planetary Tales\" ESA “Penny Senerade” (1941) Directed by George Stephens. Released by Columbia Pictures In the public domain since 1968. ~ MOVIESTORM MODS ~ \"1930s Decor\" by Kate Fosk \"KV Bathroom set\", \"KV household details\" by KV \"Nav-Mesh Platforms\" by D.L.Watson \"PapaG_HandHeldProps\" by PapaG \"White Goods\" by DavidWWW \"Computers\", \"Eye_Motion\", \"GoldfishBowl\" by Chris Ollis ~ IMAGES ~ Featured Art By Patrick Pappi Pearse Faith Goble Janet Farthing BLH Photography Flickr Images under Creative Commons Attribution License \"Boston_006_Stuart_Street.jpg\", \"Boston_008_Tremont_Street.jpg\" \"Boston_020_Park_Street.jpg\" by alliecaufield \"terrific_street_in_boston.jpg\" by dionhinchcliffe \"commercial_street_across_univ_of_arizona.jpg\" by kenlund \"dark_street_corner.jpg\" by maximeguilbot \"the_street.jpg\" by nickstenning \"boston_street.jpg\" by robertdx \"the_street.jpg\" by wmarchiv \"chinese01.jpg\" and \"chinese02.jpg\" by kllamma \"nyc_skyline02\" by JavierPsilocybin ~ SOUNDS ~ Files 101925__klankbeeld__city_urban_footsteps_stationsweg012010_07_20.wav 108695__FunnyMan374__Office_Ambience.wav 110776__volivieri__coffee_shop_A.wav 71235__Handfan__Scratching_01.wav 77522__Superex1110__Pouring_coffee.wav 85496__Hardance__Ringing_in_ears1.wav 87982__nmscher__Coffeemaker_harsh_hiss.wav 41857__kemitix__Mobile_Flip_Open.wav 42195__markystar__TokyoStreetAtNight_120.wav 32917__ToddBradley__making_drink_3.wav 26772__Walter_Odington__living_room_in_city.aif.aiff 21693__ice9ine__light_switch.wav 19870__fogma__Bar_atmosphere_Not_So_Busy.wav freesound26474__osivo__alarm.wav G_freesound85497__Hardance__Ringing_in_ears2.wav
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