Stuck in the Movies

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Description: Movie by Anykeyz. Originally released March 30, 2006. *Highest rank : 1st overall on TMO for 6 straight days *Number #1 on the Sci-Fi chart for more than three weeks now ! Many thanks to all ! What if they had a soul... Director's notes : Oh my god ! It is kind of a miracle that this movie is out. My computer blew away right after I finished the script. I am still having huge problems with my hardware. Actually, I will get a new computer tonight, so i had to release the movie before loosing everything. I worked so much on it. Sorry about the sound glitches, my soundcard is out of order and after 4 renderings of the movie, that's the best version I got. Now for the real notes : I used royalty free music from Thanks to Amateur-Associates (music links), Mortalitis_Infinitas and Baba2 for helping me with technical issues. Thanks to mixmasterfestus for its technical achievements in OIO2, that makes me believe such a movie was possible. Finally, english is not my primary language, so sorry in advance for small typos that may be included in the movie. Too bad I faced that much hardware difficulty, the movie is not as perfect as I wanted it, but it's Hollywood baby !
Categories: Science Fiction