Slideshow for a \"Brotha\"

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Description: Last Saturday was an Oldies Cabaret show in which myself and others would lip sync certain performers that they had resemblance to. Soon as I get (better) video of it all, I'll share it in compilation, but as far as this goes, this was a chance to get more of my primary psylent knight thing going on. The video already explains it, but the idea came after I mentioned that it'd be cool to have this coincide with her performance. It was rough, seeing that our sets were 4 minutes apart from each other, so I looked like Justin Long's character in Die Hard 4 setting everything up in time for her show XD And yes everything went well ^_^ Not only was it a surprise to have the video up for her to the cast, but towards the end, you'll see a few pictures of some of the cast and crew that was involved with the entire event. It got a nice response, especially for the last images, which in all seriousness, had to be done.
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