Star Trek: Attack of the Bunnies! (How to Transport)

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Description: Kirk and Spock are sent on an away mission to investigate the mysterious bunny cult. This is pretty much just me testing my transporter thingy. No overlays or anything used. How to make a transporter scene: You will need 4 scenes in total. For me, the scenes "Three Converse" work best. Scene 1: Put your characters into the three converse scene (it doesn't have to be three converse, it can be any involving a relatively still group of characters) - Transition Here - Scene 2: Make sure the camera is -exactly- in the same position, and make a scene without the characters. Scene 3 (optional): This is the destination shot. Do the same as Scene 2, making the scene empty. - Transition here - Scene 4 (optional, if you want your characters to re-appear somewhere): Put your characters back into the shot - in the -same- position as they were when they initally transported. Your transitions are the bit where the characters 'dissolve' (as they do in this video). This takes a bit of fiddling with to get what you want. Simple fades and 'dissolves' work well. Especially for Star Treks. Why is there a little text bit in the middle? Because I was using a software that puts a watermark on your movie if you haven't bought it. -_-, but I'll be changing editing software in my proper movies.