Capitol Origin

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Description: By AlexBradley Welcome to the domed citadel of CAPITOL! Visit a world risen from the ashes of nuclear holocaust, bright with hope. But are the seeds already sown for the next apocalypse? CAPITOL: Origin is the first chapter in a futuristic morality tale. ** CAPITOL Origin has been awarded the MGM Golden Seal Of Approval! ** Mods: Many retextures were my own creation, but I could not have made this movie without the help of the following amazing modders: - biggsrtek (All Cars in All Scenes) - DorianRust (The Studio Gate, Lot Wall) - Drucifer67 (Hospital Pack) - fraas (Escalator, Rocks) - Fraasmovies (Oval Office, SciFi Wall) - Frenhofer (15 Floor-sky props) - Hirsches (Studio Buildings as Props) - judyann88 (Short Red Carpet) - marvellousguppimovies (Pew/Bench, Entertainment Centre, Coruscant Mini City, Death Star Throne Room) - MelGhoul (Melghoul's AutoAnimated Audience Props) - monkeybiz (Floor-sky prop) - Onald (Mech Prop, Hand to Hand Weapons) - Ozman69 (Wall Shield #1) - Reacher (p_2 wallx10) - Rik_Vargard (6 Near Future Street Props, SpaceBase Mod Pack - Rysto (Billboard prop, Animated Actor Props, Sci-Fi Bridge Sets Pack, City Props Pack) - Sturk (Placeable Actors, School Desk, Train Station Set) - Tarison (Tarison's Bluescreen Pack) - temple (RowBoat) - TempleOfTheGods (Cubical Wall) - Walvince (Background Props) Voice Talent: Alex Bradley and Renee Camus Music: freeplaymusic - Kyrie (James Wilson) - The Opening (Pete Calandra, Scott P. Schreer) - 1619 Broadway (Todd Gautreau) Many thanks to Lionhead for an amazing machinima tool. ----- It may look like I've just come out of the woodwork, but I bought The Movies the day it came out, and same with Stunts and Effects. I don't have as much time as I'd like to work with these amazing tools, but based on your overwhelming reaction to CAPITOL: Origin, I will bust my hump getting the rest of the series out for you before the end of the century! THANKS! (btw, if you want overlays, recommend a modding site you like and I will post them.)