Requiem City Lockdown - Teaser Trailer

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Description: A trailer for a movie project I plan on doing. I edited it in the style of 70s/80s movie trailers for sci-fi films, and also added some creepy synth soundtrack for atmosphere. I am not sure when official production will start, but this is simply a taste of what to expect, hence it being a "teaser trailer". It doesn't tell too much about the plot other than the fact that Requiem City is a dystopian hellhole ruled by a corrupt leader and his ruthless squad force. Also included is a very short bonus trailer for a film I plan on doing soon for a bit of fun. I gave the entire thing a very grindhouse feel by adding trashy film grain and old cinema bumpers. Credit goes to Rik-Vanguard for a futuristic sets in the film as well as Sexy Maria for the night mini-city and talking lizard head mod. The music in this trailer is Tangerine Dream's opening theme for "Sorcerer" (1977) which rightfully belongs to Universal Music Group (fair use only). The country music in the Animal Saloon Brawl trailer is from the Ferbus Buckner radio station in Grand Theft Auto 1 (1997).