Periers 1944

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Description: Movie by davidwww. Originally released April 1, 2007. Was the #1 Action Film On TMO Winner of THE AKIRA AWARD of FILM MAKING EXCELLENCE PERIERS 1944 is a fictional story of a battle that takes place 10 miles south west of Carentan, in a small town called Periers, there are some names and places that were real such as Carentan which was defended by the battle-hardened 6th Parachute Infantry Regiment, led by Colonel Frederick von der Heydte. His orders were to defend the town to the last man. also the 17.SS-Panzergrenadier-Division is real but I have moved their arrival up a little to help defend Carentan from those pesky Americans, originally they arrived to defend the crossroads between Saint Lo and Coutances on the 11th/12th of June, like any good Hollywood movie the truth is moved out of the way to let the story through. So the fictional Captain Locke and his men are tasked with taking the town and ambushing a supply convoy, this of course never actually happened. I have tried to make this movie as accurate as possible but due to my limited skills, I have come up short with some things. 1: The flak overlays were just a test to see how they would look and wound up staying in the movie 2: Onboard the DC-47 they are paratroopers with no parachutes, please suspend disbelief during those scenes 3: Try as I might some of the uniforms and hats insignia I just couldn't seem to find the right ones in the pak to change them despite repeated trys. 4: I also realize that the bombs just before they hit should be aiming downwards. 5: I am sure you guys will find number 5, 6, 7 etc for me. I would like to thank my Talented Voice Cast Mefune Akira, Rieyman, Goofparade, OD-ORK-BOY, Sidge14, Bufu0, Thetcallmemisterbob, Pookashells, Betral, Damien7 Mustashio26 and GergioKiwi Also a big Thank you to Goofparade for his amazing musical score Thanks to Skin Shack, Eight eyed baby, Tiers six for their mods also Fraass's for his mods, Drucifer67 for his Invasion Normandy pack, JohanSturk the B17 bomber, HoldMyKidney's Spitfire props and Daninsky for his sets as props mod.
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