Lost in the Forest

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Description: Full length version cut together from the original four episodes. Part Four of this tale 'won' me second place in the TMO Newbfest 2008 for new directors. I am classifying it as Mystery/Action/Drama(!), now we have these categories, as 'Horror' was never quite right. This was my first TMO production and I was learning as I went. Please forgive the first 5 minutes (part one) as it was made without Stunts and Effects; just the basic software. I did think about reshooting this part, but 'better is the enemy of good' and it might be a case of diminishing returns. I have decided to leave it in with its quirks. I did get some feedback that the first couple of parts were 'unoriginal' in that they used animations and locations seen many times before. I make no apology for this, as I only started in April 2008 and didn't see why I should have to research two years of movies, just to see the basic and common things I was not allowed to use because they were no longer 'fresh' to some critics. If you can spare the full 25 minutes, please stick with it, as the quality of parts 3 & 4 is much better. I'm sorry for the lack of voice acting but, as a first project, it was a lot simpler to subtitle it rather than add another layer of complexity, recruiting good (female) voice actors for the leads. I think it would have been tricky to convince the best VA's anyway - why should they commit to someone with no track record on TMO at that time? I still think this is overall a pretty decent piece of work although, with the mods and tools I have now, I keep thinking of things I could do to improve it. Unfortunately, my old hard drive died and I only have these exported versions left. I may yet go back and add Voice Acting if I get sufficient interest and offers of help. There are more production notes on my vimeo page for this movie.
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