LONG DISTANCE...A Valentine Love Story

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Description: Synopsis: A young girl reluctantly decides to try an Internet personals website. She meets and starts emailing someone soon afterwards and they decide to finally meet to have dinner on Valentine’s Day. Will they hit it off? Could this be her soul mate? Also…you might want to see a photo before you agree to meet. Watch through to the end. I included the deleted/extended scene that I cut out. Sorry...no violence in this video. I decided to try at it again by doing another romance story. Hey! How many of you out there would love to meet a girl like Katie? SPOILER: Watch the video before reading. Commentary: I added a deleted scene or actually an extended scene where he runs out on her when she says: I wonder what our children will look like? That wouldn’t be a very good Valentine’s story would it? So I just ended the story by letting him give a funny look to the camera when she said it. I tried to think of the corniest joke I could come up with for Katie to tell Frank in the restaurant. I was going to have Frank get choked up while laughing at the joke, but thought it better that he just didn’t understand the humor in the joke. This time I had an excellent voice and performer to help me out…but I admit, I did do the alien voice of Frank and I may have overdone him a bit by giving him that alien tone….sorry. …And finally, check out the heart I blended in with the Moviesdtorm Ending Logo for Valentine’s Holiday.