Lil Wayne ft Drake - Weezy out of Jail

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Description: Lil wayne is finally released from prison so he makes a music video with his friend drake to celebrate ft Rick ross TI Drake Waynes out now its time to let the bad music in Wayne is short with good hair you know he got that pounded in hip hop is out ringtone rap is at a new height wayne's weak no way he could win a prison fight you know that ass got worked over like a immigrant I forgot he was in jail who knew how much time he spent young money putting out music that will make you dumb as hell and you know we gonna be in the studio more bad music oh well hittin you in the summer, bboys aint sellin no more what a bummer wayne got wore out in jail he always been a little weird fruity he wants to do every girl in the world funny he likes roll aids because every time he has sex he always seems to roll aids and all our money go to birdman so we under paid we will always call a girl a bitch and a ho I could've swore that was played out in ninety-four [Lil Wayne] [Chorus] weezys out of jail weezys out of jail ring tone rap our lyrics lame as hell weezys out of jail weezys out of jail bad music is here now cant you tell but weezys out of jail Lil Wayne I am out of jail I've been in there a long time yes weezy f baby needs to get his due shine weezy is a shiner when weezy crack a smile bitches get blinder ha ha you like weezys word play I made up no homo to be mad gay kinda like I could say I like penis on the lo lo but I cancel it no homo you say I look like a goon but I say a goblin but I don't know hey daddy where is weezys cut of the dough Nicki cant wait to drop her album but it aint sellin though weezy gonna hit the club pick up a pink rabbit Call south park studios and tell them to listen to this If weezy is still around how is kanye the gay fish I am weezy and weezy is super like a super scooper and when weezy sees a girl weezy will scoop her hah ah ti snitched its true weezy sent to a penitentiary I got no mail no final call because hip hop wasn't missin me
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