A Woman's Trial

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Description: This machinima was made in 2 x 4 hours, as an experiment. Initially I set out to do this one within 4 hours, but the perfectionist in me needed the second run. A story about loneliness and determination, liberty and lost dreams, about celebrating life and recognising a tinge of regret. A story about a strong woman! One of the trials of woman is the fear of being an old maid. To escape this dreadful doom, young girls used to rush into matrimony with a recklessness which astonishes the beholder; never pausing to remember that the loss of liberty, happiness, and self-respect is poorly repaid by the barren honour of being called "Mrs" instead of "Miss". Not me. Who am i, called Gwendolyn at birth, a rich man's daughter who was once pretty, accomplished, sensible and good. I lived a fashionable life and found that it did not satisfy me. No lover could offer anything more than the promise of life itself, and gracefully accepting the allowance my father provided me with, I left my hometown and traveled alone to London and Paris, where I never did find the suitable husband my father had hoped for. Instead I lived a restless, tragic life, with many ups and downs. In my lonely hours I started walking the streets of Paris,thoughts tumbling and reminiscing in my head, putting some order in the chaos of my thoughts. I find no time for unhappiness, no vague longing for things i cannot have. Not then, not now, now that the days of my youth have gone long past, and life has become quiet, so quiet. I have obeyed instinct and to this day walk the path I have choosen, and let me tell you, my sisters, do not be affraid. Loneliness is a natural state, loneliness is a thing that is natural amongst friends - and beyond life. free after a short story by Louisa May Alcott script, narration, film and edit: Chantal Harvey http://mamachinima.eu music: Komm Süsser Tod - J.S. Bach - arr. L.Stokovski lover: TributeTim Kwak woman: Chantal Harvey filmed in Second Life, Paris 1900, Les Champs Elysees, Eiffel Bogart's Jazz Club