Respect My Securitay

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Description: If you have a weak stomach for larceny, seduction, intrigue, desire, manipulation, betrayal, exploitation, conspiracy and the like, this may not be the movie for you. The rest of you, please enjoy this quick Action/Comedy. My first TMU-only movie. Been toying around with this one for a while. I mixed the audio in stereo, but it doesn't seem to have survived the render to .wmv. Please keep your reviews "Spoiler Free". Please don't read any reviews until you watch, just in case somebody didn't read this far. :) Starring: Dulci as Chloe Sweet (Dulci supplies the seduction, desire, and a touch of the exploitation herein.) TFoster as Mark Gladstone (Tom should be nominated as best actor for this role. He is transcendant!) BenTuttle90 as Darrin "Duck" Slater (BenTuttle90 brings a bit of comic relief as Duck. Remember, we're laughing with him, not at him.) JohnnyEx as The Narrator (Done on hiatus, which is quite a feat!) Cecil_Evans as Levon Garrett (Close your eyes and you'll believe it's Alec Baldwin.) Additional voices by BitsyGee (Mrs. Cecil lends a hand. Everybody say "Thanks, Bitsy.") Music: "The Puce Pussy" and "KnottsVille" by BiggsTrek "Welcome to My House" by djvidman "Lounge Act" by Michael Siemon "Suspiria" by Cecil_Evans Sets: Reception Area by Dr_House # Disco w/strobelight by tripmills # Club Vargas re-texture of Disco set by Cecil_Evans Props: All Cars Mod by BiggsTrek Incredible Disappearing/Reappearing Telephone prop by our friends at Lionhead. If I missed anything, please tell me, I'll amend immediately.
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