Bite Me Part 3

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Description: Bite Me Part 3 of 12 parts. The movie is predominately made with The Movies and Stunts and Special Effects with some iClone 4 (which I purchased recently and have been integrating into some scenes) and edited with AVS movie software. Special props and sets kudos to: Fraasmovies, Tarison, Ozman69, Marvellousguppimovies, 8eyedbaby, Pookashells, Sturk and DOJ. Also thanks to where I found many great props. Part 2 recap: Santa Cola's chief of police Brendon Toady continues investigating the death of 21-year-old Brittany Smith, who the coroner claims was killed in a boat accident. Toady learns from retired Chief Hendricks that boating accidents have been a problem in the past, but one fisherman, Sean Flint, had reported seeing a 30-foot shark in the waters during the spree of accidents. Meanwhile, after her shift at the community hospital, 28-year-old nurse Ashleigh Gallo goes for a twilight swim unaware there's a hungry predator in the deep.
Categories: Horror Action