War of Ascension - Cruiser Torana Offline - Part 3 of 3

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Description: As the War of Ascension between humanity and the Alien Alliance culminates towards a bloody end, both sides put their best pieces to use. On the far end of the galaxy, a single Reconnaisance Cruiser, the SS-29 Torana, makes a terrible discovery but before it can warn Starfleet Central Command about it, something bad happens and all contact is lost. In distress, CentCom has no choice but to call the only people that can do the impossible, the elite commando unit G-13, a unit whose flawless record has come to an abrupt stop one rainy day in the city of Roma Nova... Credits: Kwistufa - Commander Bruce "Cobe" Cobalt Sisch - Wingleader Catherina "Black Czarina" Karovna SnakeEater42 - Sergeant "Raider" Rat Collins SailorKnightWing - Scarlet "Stormshadow" Winchester K4 - Captain of the Torana Reckless Jedi - Hawkeye Ms. Rysto - Lieutenant Payton Williams Rysto - Lieutenant James "Nimbles" Wimbly ArtemisChild - Lieutenant Jeyne BigBoominc - Ep.2 Sneakpeek Stormshadow and Moonshadow Rogue as... Admiral Huffenbuch, The Alien Voices and Narrator (the man of a thousand voices, all sound suspciously the same) Nova Milan SFX and Overlays: Jimbo Welcome Mission Briefing SFX: KDH_RMX Music compiled by Noam Morey and Moonshadow Rogue Soundtrack: The UQM Project - Intro-X MoO1 - Battle Ensues (KDH_RMX Evol Remix) MoO1 - Intro (the Flat Earth Intro music) Milkman Dan - Time Team Six (JayRay Team) - How to make an FL's Slayer sing SiEmP! - LeavingPort003 Djnet - Radioactive Cinema MoO1 - Colony Defended KDH_RMX - Tense Drumming March SiEmP! - sbattlehunterintro-001 The UQM Project - Ur-Quan Theme FinalMusician - Day of Wrath Heroes II Battle Music (ripped by Sand Chicken, TYVM) MoO1 - Colony Captured Evgon - Some Pride Evgon - Blissful Silence KDH_RMX Outro fade to credits - Times of Pride (Evgon-Vs.-Milkman Dan Remix) G-13 Weapon Sound Effects: MoO1 Alien Heavy Ship Weapon, Fall Whistle and Lightsaber Sound Effects: KDH_RMX Evil Soundtrack Spells fault of Lionhead TheMovies desync errors Russian Advisor: Bulbulum Number of Star Wars homages in this episode: 6 (Star Destroyer not included) Number of Stuntmen hospitalized during the production 8 Popularity with Critics: Negative 3 stars Estimated Amount of Israeli cigarettes consumed during production: 800 No Lizard Ones were hurt during the making of this movie (though it often seems otherwise) Creative assistance: Wally
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