In the Mind of Teh Poptart Kid

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Description: Hello, everybody! Welcome to my entry into Dulci's Machiniwhat? Competition. Sypnosis: 3 figment's of TPK's imagination are trying to come up with another movie idea, but they have writer's block. Join TPK, and his imagination as they struggle to find a new idea. Cast: Figment's 1, 2, and 3: Act3Scene24 Random Kid 1: Act3Scene24 Random Kid 2: Act3Scene24 Overlays: A TPK production presents: TPK; Kitty in a Poptart Box image courtesy of MSN images. Brain Overlay: TPK; Brain image courtesy of MSN images. Darkness overlay: CDG Sounds: Ozman's flatuence sound Music: Timothy's The Man Who Wanted to Sneeze music. Alan's Music Stopper Timothy's Tippy's Waltz music Timothy's The Chase for Ghaster Googoo music Netherworld Shanty: Music by Incomputech If I forgot anything or anybody, please let me know! Thanks! Enjoy! TPK
Categories: Comedy Science Fiction