Charlie (by Butchered Studios)

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Description: (Original blurb by Butchered Studios on TMO page) PLEASE READ FIRST: PLEASE DON'T LET THAT SLIGHT SYNC THAT LAST FOR 40 SCEONDS EFFECT YOUR REVIEW. WARNING: STRONG BLOODY VIOLENCE & DRUG USE PLOT: Charlie was brought into drugs at a young age, he did his first deal at the age of 16 and his first cocian deal at the age of 17. Fast foward 10 years, after his fathers death and in that time the rival gang Aggi where arrested but now there back on the streets. In the time they where in jail the jamacians took over the streets which terbbeled Charlies intake. But all he wants is a name and with Aggi back its going to be hard! But with his best mate Boz they set of to do that with many diffrent compaines. He soons finds out that if you go to high you'll havE a big fall. Aimming to be the most action packed movie on TMO with mass gun fights and tight situations. Based on a true story and personal events. Cast: Sparky1512 as Charlie Rjb2112 as Boz Ranger21 as Panda Alex2112 as Sally Norriefpb as Mello EthanRunt as Eri MODS: Blood puddle, Desert Egeal, Cocaine Lines, Cocaine Suitcase by 6HeadedMonster Warehouse and Golf club equipment by Budsbunddymullet SVD Sniper by Ubernewbie Sparky's bedroom, Bristol street by Frenhofer Muddy suburben Street by Meghoul Big Blue screen by Tarison Music: Made By Moi
Categories: Action Drama