Clockwork Studios Introduction

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Description: This is just an introduction to Clockwork Studios. Currently I have 2 projects in the works: Callisto's Trio: A horror/action paced western based around vampire mythology. Callisto is an ancient vampire who seeks out rogue vampires and brings them to justice. He runs a bounty office both at day and night. Together with his 3 kindred: Lazarus, Jules and Valerie he fights powers above mortal reach. In Memoriam - TMWS: A documentary focusing on modding The Movies and especially The Movies Workshop. The Movies Workshop was a project founded by Doc Z, meant to bring modding to everyone in the community. TMWS succeeded, and many new modders arose from that. Unfortunately, TMWS disappeared due to circumstances and that's where the documentary continues... what went on then? What is happening now? And what does the future hold for modding? Find it out! Teasers being worked on, expect some eye-candy soon! :) Regards, Doc