LEAGUE: Trilogy (teaser) (based on the Marvel Universe)

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Description: This is promo for my next movie, that I've planned almost one year... This will be a trilogy, that is based on Marvel comics! First part was created in 2009 for the official russian \"The Movies\"-website, and I got a lot of prizes (actually, 9 ^^) for it, including \"Best film of the year\"! The first movie was made in comics style with seemly colors and action. The story was not the point, I just wanted to show the possibilities of this game. But this time I want to jump over my head... This time I want to show real drama of the superheroes! 80% of the movie will be shot on the green screen. The atmosphere and the story can remind you a mix of \"The Dark Knight\" and \"Watchmen\". Of course, these are only my words now, but I hope, that this video will proof everything, that I said... Enjoy it! P.S. If you are interested - I will make subtitles for the first part of the trilogy and upload it on TMU! ^^
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