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Description: * * * * * WINNER OF THE 2010 OLLIE AWARD FOR BEST ROMANCE!!! THANKS SO MUCH EVERYONE!!! * * * * * ***NOMINATED IN THE 2010 OLLIE AWARDS FOR*** - BEST LEADING ACTRESS (Sonya) - BEST ROMANCE MOVIE/SERIES - BEST MYSTERY MOVIE/SERIES - BEST MACHINIMATOGRAPHY IN A MOVIE/SERIES THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE NOMINATIONS!! :) For the best video quality, follow this link and download the wmv file from the bottom right hand corner of the page, and watch in full screen. I promise you will notice a HUGE difference :) John is broken apart inside after the recent death of his lifelong love, Emily. He begins to experience strange dreams and very soon cannot distinguish between these visions and reality.... So, the film is finally out! starring Sonya as Emily BenTuttle90 as the Young Man MefuneAkira as the Priest Macwemyss as John Modders, music, sound and stock footage in credits. All feedback is much appreciated, thanks to everyone who supported me through this production :)
Categories: Mystery Romance Drama