Hunter Trailer

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Description: After more than a year (on-and-off), the biggest film I've ever made has finally been finished. It's a big milestone for me, as not only is it the longest solo production I've done, but it's also the first of my films to have an original music score. Last fortnight saw me finally finish what has been a mammoth undertaking, and to celebrate, I put together this trailer. I'm immensely proud of both the film and this trailer, I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I did making it. NB - The music used in the trailer is done by a production company called Two Steps From Hell. They do lots of trailer music for the movie industry, and sometime this year they'll finally be releasing two albums to the public. To atone for my theft of their music here, I'm going to tell you all to support the official release by buying their albums ("Invincible" and "Nemesis II") so you can listen to epic music like this and support the creators!