Wolf N Exile: E.O.S. Episode 6: Invasion Part 2

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Description: Ivan and the Defiant crew head back to Faction airspace from their failed surveillance mission. However, there is a storm brewing at home and the weather is pretty bad also. Will Defiant get through to Faction HQ in time? A few quick notes to mention. I had intentionally left the first 15 seconds on the video blank to line up the BGM and I decided to leave it like that. Just so you know and wonder if it's started or not. It has. Bear with me on the BGM level at times. In some cases it couldn't be helped but it doesn't take anything away from the story. Besides, there ain't too much yackety yack in this episode anyhow. ***NOTE: There may be some scenes that needed to be tightened up I have done so and in case it makes a difference to you I put it up on vimeo and here's the link to it.*** http://www.vimeo.com/4334317 My thanks to all who've helped make this series happen. Nel Rivers Sonya Act3scene24 Chris62 K 4 Sharptooth JosephKw Ray Cabulong Ana-Marie & Bionic Bob. Thanks guys Hope you all enjoy the show.