Con The Don - Phantom Of The Mafia

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Description: Phantom Of The Mafia "At the theater, Con The Don sends Harry, his amateur hitman from Alabama, backstage to collect debt from an actor who is performing in the play, 'The Phantom Of The Mafia'. What at first seems like a simple routine task goes awfully wrong, as Harry assassinates the wrong actor and all of a sudden is thrust into the spotlight and finds himself the star of the show!" ~~~~~~~~~ STARRING: Andy as: Everyone except for Harry the Hitman Dave as: Harry the Hitman ~~~~~~~~~ MODS: Set dressing mod from DCModding Scene Expansion by Dr_House Blue 19'er + Floor Tiles by Tarison, available on DCModding Rysto's City Set Various palace mods from Animated Actors from 8eyedbaby Theater prop from Sexymaria mods ~~~~~~~~~ MUSIC/SFX: Music from by Kevin MacLeoud and various SFX from soundcloud -------------- DIRECTORS NOTES: - For new viewers to the series, Con the Don is a series that doesn't require you to watch any of the older episodes to know what's going on! So feel free to jump in with this episode, or even with any other episode in the series, where you can find all 16 episodes thus far on my TMU studio page!
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