OPEN ALL NIGHT - COLD Companion Nine

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Description: It's early morning nearing sunrise. The Vampire's coven/band has been wiped out hours earlier by Eric and Gabrielle. After a brief showdown between Eric and The Vampire, The Vampire steals Eric's motorcycle leaving Eric with a mess of a situation having inadvertently helped kill an innocent nun who made the mistake of trying to give The Vampire sanctuary. (see Repent movie) As The Vampire drives through the city he begins to formulate his own plan to find Eric and strike him down where he lives. Eric fully expects this and waits in his apartment watching his door and waiting for sunrise. The Vampire decides to get help from someone who is not happy at all to see him and he learns more than he bargained for. He will have a short window of time before sunrise and decides to risk it all to avenge his coven's deaths.
Categories: Horror Drama