Con The Don - Little Red Riding Don

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Description: Con The Don: Episode Six: Little Red Riding Don ~~~~~ In this episode of Con The Don... When Con the Don visits a fellow Flaming Spades member called Grandma to deliver some "goods", he gets more then he bargained for when King Sting of the rival family, the Frosted Clubs Club, tries to intercept them... Rated: PG (mild language and mild violence) ~~~~~ MODS: Set dressing mod from DCModding Scene Expansion by Dr_House Blue 19'er + Floor Tiles by Tarison, available on DCModding Empty Rural forest (lowered) by me Cave by MarvellousGuppiMovies, edited by me House props by Riley man Buildings as Props from DCModding (?) Deformed props by me (they were supposed to be real too L) Cell by Peter Jackson on 8eyedbaby Empty Shack by me, available on 8eyedbaby Rat for memory was from an animal pack on DCModding… Please correct me if I’m wrong. ~~~~~ CAST: Andy_Inc as: Everyone ~~~~~ Music/SFX: Intro theme by me using MixCraft Various Funk snippets from MixCraft TMO Got da funk by RJB2112 available on 8eyedbaby ”StyleFunk" “Enter The Party” “That’s a Wrap” “Radio Martini” “Waltz of Treachery” by Kevin MacLeod ( ~~~~~ ENJOY!
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