Across Town

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Description: Across Town is a mature rated drama about a young man's initiation into a gang as you might know, Across Town is posed to be exhibited at the upcoming FILE Sao Paolo 2012 event from July 17 to August 19. It is also under discussion for exclusive distribution with a couple of video sites and are in the process for screening evaluation in a number of film festivals To those who supported the Indiegogo campaign, we successfully met our goals and raised the funds needed to submit to a number of festivals world wide. You goodies are being prepared and should be on its way soon. The website for the film is here:!home/mainPage in honor of your support and this community, I am screening it here for a limited time (1 week - pending discussions with the distributors), the unlisted video is here below for the TMU forum members. please feel free to leave a comment and/or critique at youtube WARNING - mature language and subject matter - if harsh language offends you, don't watch this
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