Killa and Chilla

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Description: A movie that isn't anything too special really. It's a pretty old movie I made about a year ago but only started adding subtitles to it. It is basically a flick about a psychopathic gorilla named Killa and his calmer albino brother named Chilla. It has a 1930s look to it, but I only recently added subtitles to it which mainly consists of bad language and violent threats for no reason at all. In this movie, Killa is hassled and attacked by a squarehead robot at a local library. He quickly lashes out and chases him to a diner to kill him, though Chilla tries to convince him to let it go. Chaos quickly occurs at the diner and the two have a gunfight with each other. I only made this movie for my own entertainment, but you may enjoy it. Mods Used: City Street by Froci Studio Building Props and City Ground Set by FraasMovies Filter Mod by Augie64 Rating: 15 for subtitled strong language
Categories: Action Comedy