Fallout: Ambush At Bailey's Crossroads

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Description: Nothing special here, it's just a short film I made to test out some modifications, sound effects, and voice morphing software. However rather than just deleting it I thought some folks may enjoy watching it, so I thought I'd share it here. I'd like to give a big THANK YOU to all the folks out there that are creating, and have created mods for The Movies. Without you all, The Movies would have died out a long time ago. Because of your creativity you've taken the game further along than the developers ever did. Big THANKS goes out to all the folks hosting sites where people like myself can download these mods, and share our movies. These sites are really great tool for our community. MOD CREDIT: AlexBradley Harb40 Robert FallenThomas Jess Franco BenTuttle90 luke kage 6-headedmonster FraasMovies Malak If I've forgotten to credit anyone's mods in this film, I do apologize for that. Please let me know, and I'll fix the description here.
Categories: War Action Science Fiction