The Power

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Description: ****NOTICE BEFORE VIEWING THE FILM**** Just going to Point out a few things. This is my first i Clone Films, Plus my first film away from The Movies, which i never really Done any Custom made things in. So Basically this is my First Film which is custom made. You may find that this film had less Custom made thing and prop, it's becasue I am still trying to get use to iClone and all it's Option. Also Note I made this film with Movie Maker, which was really stressful, Try my best with the Audio and Music. Hopefully for my Future Film I would be using another Movie Editor. Thanks. Despite what i have mention above, Please Rate this film and Give me as much Feedback on the film, So i could know What I do with my next film. If the Film is Awful, PLEASE DONT rate it 5 star to please a first timer to TMU, but please help me by reviewing it seriously, so i can make better Film The Power is based on a Story of Jack, who recently lost his job and accept a job from a Stranger, which change his Life. Jack (Main Character) : joster28 Scientist (Villain Role) : josephkw (note made a error in the film itself) Ellie ( Jack's Wife) Sribbons Albert ( Jack's Neighbor) : Bezzer Script by Epicheart
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