The Nobbit Part 3

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Description: The Nobbit is an irreverent take on JRR Tolkien's The Hobbit. It features a cantankerous, foul-mouthed old wizazrd, a vain, uptight dwarf and a reluctant but courageous nobbit. WARNING: Mature language and situations - not the for the easily offended, especially Tolkien fans \"The Nobbit - Part 3\" Script adaptation by AnimaTechnica, BiggsTrek, and Killian Theme Music by friendryfire Killian as Thorend MacWemyss as Dildo Goofparade as Gonedeaf Kate Fosk as The Elf Queen Tom Kay as Smug Chris62 as Bored Act3Scene24 as Groin BM McCauley as Ballin Neon-san as Bombur Twilit.Tera as Gorefinger Anim8tor Cathy as Gollum BiggsTrek as Townsman Colour as MagicMirror JakeChief as Thrush Stvndysn as Elrondo Musical Performance friendryfire Goofparade Killian Wytchwhisper Keith Eiler Soundtrack The following Theme music performed by friendryfire on violin 'Concerning Hobbits' - music by Howard Shore 'Gollum's Song' music by Howard Shore 'Rohirrim Theme' music by Howard Shore 'Black Riders' music by Howard Shore 'Laketown Theme Song' based on \"Love Boat' by Jack Jones Performed by Killian, Revised Lyrics by Killian 'The Way to Lonely Mountain' based on The Way to Amarillo performed by Killian Lyrics by Killian \"Brave and Bold Sir Dildo\" performed by Goofparade Lyrics by AnimaTechnica based on \"Sir Robin' by Eric Idle \"Smug the Tragic Dragon\" performed by Wytchwhisper based on \"Puff the Magic Dragon\" by Peter, Paul and Mary Lyrics by Killian, AnimaTechnica Theme from Angry Birds 'The Leafer Song' based on The Reefer Song by Mindless Drug Hoover Performed by Keith Eiler Lyrics by AnimaTechnica Fight song from Star Trek Credits Costumes by AnimaTechnica and friends Alley BigBoss Warlord Apparition Shygirl Props Warlord, Wolfzone, Borrowind Elven sword by Conan Ring by Yab Animated/Rendered in iClone 4.3 Thanks to Charles Chen and John Martin of Reallusion The Wolf n Dulci Show, The Ken and Cathy Show The Spotlight
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