Searching for Mercy - The Parody Remake

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Description: Yes yes, the first movie in the Mercy Series! Melisande only wanted someone to show her the ropes about dating... Mercy only wanted to take advantage.... and both were foiled when Count Vlad the Vampire decided he wants to catch Mercy and turn her into a vampire... thus begins a 10 movies saga once made serious, no remade as a parody. The original was so damn stupid it was laughable... so I figured, why NOT make it laughable even more? Cast (by order of appearance): Melisande: Little Owl (AKA: K-AOS) Bruce: Moonshadow Rogue Mercy: Little Owl (AKA: K-AOS) Vampire Vlad: Moonshadow Rogue Ritana: Moonshadow Rogue Dughbert the Amazing Skelington: Moonshadow Rogue Purple Chicken sound effects: KDH_RMX Soundtrack: Special Lightsaber Sound FX: KDH_RMX MoO1 - Intro (the Flat Earth Intro music) Milkman Dan - Time MoO1 - Mrrshan Neutral (KDH_RMX rebuff) Beautiful South Ft. Rogue - Dream a little dream of me Lionhead TheMovies - Femme Fatale Lionhead TheMovies - A beauty like no other Lionhead TheMovies - All of my love Lionhead TheMovies - No Future John Williams - Back to the future theme Team 6 (the JayRay team) - How to make an FL's Slayer sing British Royal Orchestra - Dvorak 9th (From the New World), 4th Movement (KDH Evil Remix) Evgon - Blissful Silence The movie was made using entirely planet friendly PINK Energy. No Pretty Pink Fuzzy Puffy Ponies were hurt during the making of the movie Beware the Purple Chickens
Categories: Horror Action Comedy