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Description: Original blurb from Butchered Studios TMO page) I know there are some sound issues with the news report. I couldn't help this I tried everything! please don't let it effect your review thanks. I thank you all for giving me useful advice on my sound problems and I definatly will sort them out for my next film. Greg Denman, a man on a mission to destroy sex offender he can get his psychotic hands on. Instead of starting off small he jumps straight in to the biggest names in the paedophilic business "Xv" a gang so discus ting Greg wants no prisoners. But when you go for the biggest first there are bound to be problems Activison/Lionhead moderatesers read this: I have spent days doing this movie up till early hours of the morning getting this film on TMO. My voice actors have worked tirlessly to get the VO's done and GreenGlades up till early hours of many mornings doing music. Please don't pull this movie I beg you. please! Warning: Moderate Violence & Strong language and scenes of a paedophilic nature starring KirinRiotCrash as Greg Denman GreenGlades as Police Chief Walker SnakeEater42 as Phil Loch FoDooG as Harry Rolands Betral as Young Greg Denman Roger as rapist Riott007 as Rape Victim & Diana EthanRunt as Swat 2 Kuroken as News Reporter Tsunamidog as Alexi Denam (Father) Butchered__studios as Swat 1, Doc 1 & 2 Mods Spaceman72 for the chainsaw Hospital bedroom and Hallway by MelGhoul Sniper rifle by Ubernewbie 1980's office redone & new scenes by Dr House New Bedroom & New city street by Frenhofer 4 Blood splats by Frazzmovies Blood puddle & Desert Eagle by 6HeadedMonster and Useable cane & warehouse set by BudBundysMullet Bluescreen by Tarison Mods by Me MOjo bar Berrta & Python gun Bloody makeup & Clothes All Overlays Greenstay costumes Music All GreenGlades to thank for his wonderful scores. Action, 2016
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