Teenage Hippo Dreams

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Description: Katy Perry spoof pop video featuring soft toys. Me and my children had a lot of fun making this I just hope people enjoy watching it. Teenage Hippo Dreams Toys Humphrey - As Himself Gloria - As Herself Lotso - As Himself Minnie Mouse - As Herself Helen Hippo - As Herself Lilac - As Herself Horachio - As Himself Cheeks - As Himself Mini - As Himself Polo - Himself Harriet - As Herself Harry - As Himself Mummy and baby Hippo - As themselves Music By Katy Perry - Teenage Dream Volare - Dean Martin Soundeffects by www.audionetworkplc.com Sound Effects Collection Puppeting by Catherine Cooper Anthony Cooper Colin Cooper Camera by Catherine Cooper Colin Cooper Lighting by Catherine Cooper Colin Cooper Props by Anthony Cooper Special Effects by Colin Cooper using Adobe After Effects 7.0 Editing By Colin Cooper with Adobe Premiere CS3 Written by Catherine Cooper Directed by Colin Cooper Produced by Capemedia UK Production Copyright (c)2011