Remember Me

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Description: ** WARNING: Video contains some violence and nudity ** This is a science-fiction short made in iClone 5. -- Synopsis -- After losing his loved one in a brutal case of rape-murder, David hopes to fulfill her dying wish with the help of Dr. Hendrix. -- Cast -- Robert Benjamin as David Ricky Grove as Dr Hendrix Sonya Cross as Jenny -- Music -- Henry Purcell -- Dido and Aeneas -- \"When I am Laid In Earth\" Evelyn Tubb (Dido), with New Trinity Baroque, directed by Pedrag Gosta ** Music used with permission from New Trinity Baroque Orchestra ** Additional Music by Sherwin Liu -- Video Footage -- (Creative Commons Attribution License) \"Simulation of Thalamocortical Brain Network - Spiking Neural Network, 1.4M Neurons, 140M Synapses\" \"Thalamocortical Loops - Spiking Neural Network Simulation\" \"Thalamocortical System with SpikeFun - Spiking Neural Network, 1.2M Neurons, 151M Synapses\" \"Artificial Brain Simulation - Ascending Reticular Activating System and Thalamocortical Networks\" by Ivan Dimkovic \"B.A.L. Development Footage #1\" by djfluffwug3 \"The Brain's Inner Workings - Part 1 - Structure and Function\" by National Institute of Health made available on YouTube by PublicResourceOrg, which \"helps channel the public domain by obtaining government videos and posting them online.\" -- Images -- (Flickr) \"Reigh's Brain rlwat1\" by Reigh LeBlanc \"Futuristic Architecture\" by Serendigity -- Sounds -- ( 78505__joedeshon__squeaky-chair-01 6985__dobroide__door-rubs-20050813 44407__bennychico11__bodydrag2 140228__shall555__sh-woman-gasps-in-shock-3-takes 146171__d-w__chair-dining-chair-wooden-person-sit-03 43596__freqman__box-falls 98055__tomlija__wine-bottle-break-2 106881__tomlija__200-pounds-stepping-on-a-glass-object 119646__m-o-m__flaschen 148074__sandyrb__lightbulb-smash-002 104410__nanashi__trigger-01 32900__erh__rumble-2 155929__tomlija__in-your-ear-drone 75307__sagetyrtle__hammer-drop_seg1 28816__junggle__btn006 34875__sruddi1__grunts 128227__trettfilms__injured-grunts 147006__d-w__chair-stool-wooden-dragged-12