Subway 4

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Description: A film By Sleeves Subway 4 sees the return of Azuresama as "Jane" and the enigmatic Innerfilm makes a powerful guest appearance as "Mr. Crosby". Azuresama???s voice acting demo and assorted other things can be found at Innerfilm???s terrific, artful, strange, funny, and heartbreaking film In Subway 4, we get a glimpse of Sam???s missing years. The Waukegan itself is explained. And the Reality Show itself is revealed to be a???(almost gave it away!) And, of course, Sam tells Jane the secret to the universe. Background: Subway 1 introduced Sam Cutt, a man who has gone to live in the subway believing he is a contestant on a reality show. In Subway 2, the pressures of his unsupported and homeless life lead Sam to learn how to make it on his own. Subway 3 reveals the larger story. Sam has been missing for five years, having disappeared shortly after his wife and son were mysteriously killed. At the time of this tragedy, Sam and his brother, Peter, had nearly completed work on their secret invention, dubbed ???the Waukegan???, a device that Peter believes will change the world.
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