Kickazz Chikka 1 min action flick starring Mrs Guppi

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Description: Starring Mrs Guppi as the voice of Kickazz Chikka, with me on announcer and music duties. I was going to upload a higher rez version but for some reason she now has silly Elton John spectacles in the game and I can't seem to change 'em. The Blurb: Born into English Minor Royalty, Brandina Foxington-Blythe was kidnapped from her cradle by operatives of the Dastardly Corporation. After several thrilling pre-school scrapes and adventures, the young Brandi made her escape in a wicker basket and was raised to the age of thirteen by a non-hierarchical collective of Bonobo Apes in the Belgian Congo, before being adopted by disgraced US Senator, Lou Cherry Nose Balbosa, of the South Chicago Balbosas. By day Brandi Foxe is a bespectacled librarian and amateur paleontologist, by night she becomes KICKAZZ CHIKKA: People's Champion, Super-Sleuth and Hooters Waitress!
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