Mad World (Acoustic version)

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Description: Ok, first off, let me apologise to Goofparade for covering the same song as him. I didn't know you were doing it Gp, I recorded it literally a day before yours was released and wasn't sure afterwards whether to release mine. A few people convinced me I should upload it anyway though. Well, I don't want anyone to expect this to be anywhere near as good as Gp's rendition. This is just my own take on the song. Recorded all in one take, this was basically me just messing about with my guitar (yes I played the guitar myself) I know the guitar isn't perfect but I'm a complete amateur so I was happy with it lol :D. Btw, please don't criticise the pacing of the song. I wasn't trying to copy Gary Jules' version. This is my own take on the song :) The video is footage from a VERY old film I made with The Movies back in 2005 when I first bought the game but was unable to release. Hope you enjoy it, feedback much appreciated :)
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