Sorrows of The Spy Revamp - Trailer

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Description: The first episode is out! Witness the Empires of Ambition galaxy as it was mean't to be seen - in it's many dark and gritty warzones, rainy back alleys, and drab lifeless spacecraft. With the greatness that is Sony Vegas and its many plugins, I am proud to reveal to you what the future of EoA will look like! This trailer stars the voice talents of (In order) Moonshadow Rogue as Verus Al-Dasov Sisch as Natasha Anderson Howitzer as Fergan Godwyn Sparky1512 as Charles Anrea Rposhard as Dale F. Cooper Featuring the song "Teardrop" by Massive Attack. (All quotes have come from past reviews for Phantoms and Episodes one or two of Sorrows of The Spy)