Kit Cat Kid's (Non Compliant) Cause FUR Complaint

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Description: Nursie says today I am to have an early bath She's drawn it up and filled it full before a blazing hearth I do not care for being clean I do not wish to wash There is no need to primp and preen Nor in the water splosh But Nursie says she can't concur With what I REASONABLY aver She's lunging at me with big jugs And scrubbing behind my lugs Her claim's they're full of cabbages - which REALLY ticks me off I NEVER go near vegetables - they're NOT my sort of scoff She shrieks that I'm a "dashed cross-patch" Who should "Sit still !" And be "Less shrill !" And never - NEVER - scratch ! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Above is the first animation that I have made with the 6th version of Reallusion's Crazy Talk Pro. I haven't looked at any of the new software's in-program multi-head/camera panning capabilities and I don't "puppeteer", instead, I manually keyframe the motions. However, this character was freshly fitted (and has (illuminated) OWL's not CAT's eyes) to take advantage of the just-introduced and very welcome second mesh. This extra framework of facially-independent points can be positioned to bound appendages to the skull (hair, ears, horns, hats) that were formerly a, sometimes unsurpassable, challenge - too awkwardly shaped and/or located to be sufficiently served by the generic template of a bald humanoid. I don't like the jerky ending, the aqua angles aren't convincing, the font is too small with some unclear lettering and the running water MAY be too loud ; nevertheless THAT is staying as it gives the cat (and everyone else) CAUSE "FUR" (non-compliant) COMPLAINT There's an audio cameo from my beshteshtest mate at the end.....who would be crosser than Kit Cat Kid if he knew I'd been foolin' with a feline (again !).
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