The Brigadoon Piper and The Highland Boobrie

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Description: Brigadoon was a 1954 film by Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe which tells the story of a mysterious Scottish village that appears for only one day every hundred years, probably based on a real Scottish village called the Brig o' Doon (Bridge of Doon), in Alloway, Scotland. Brig o' Doon the village has magical literary connotations, as it appears in the Robert Burns poem Tam o'Shanter when Tam escapes a witch by crossing the bridge over the river Doon - witches, of course, can't cross running water. Brigadoon the film has elements of fairy legends about it which say that any mortal who enters will never be able to leave,else the enchantment will be broken, the village and all its inhabitants will disappear into the mist forever. The Boobrie is a mythical water bird of Scottish Highlands folklore, said to be similar to a great northern diver, but with white markings and the ability to roar, it lives in very long heather and haunts lochs and salt wells. Whether there is any truth in these legends, we cannot be sure, but if you should hear the haunting Bagpipes of the Brigadoon Piper and the Boobrie floating O'er hill and glen, whilst you may be drawn to follow the happy songs, we must advise caution. ( more details at my Blog The Dance Of Life; ) The Boobrie, Celestial Elf, Avatar kindly provided by Meilo Minotuar The Brigadoon Piper, Tam O'Shanter; Rik Xaris, Kate; Brielle Coronet. Grateful thanks; Rik Xaris for providing and playing the Bagpipes, Available at CATALYST : The Celtic Connection, Inverness City, SL (138, 219, 24) ( ) Also for permission to film at Scotland Gardens co Lake Rhode & Paesolu di Corsica co Pepsy Lane. Soundtrack created with; Bagpipes played by Rik Xaris; Dueling Bagpipes, Scotland The Brave, Also Sound effects via Freesound ( ) Creative Commons Sampling Plus 1 License ( ) Filmed on Exodus Viewer Beta , Windows XP using Fraps and Serif MoviePlus X3. Conceived, Directed and Produced c.Celestial Elf 2012.
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