Flying Without Wings 3 Directors Cut

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Description: This is th directors cut for Flying Without Wings 3. My favourite Flying Without Wings movie in the series. I like this movie for it's acting, its humour and its timing. The story this: Golden Wonder (now a bunny rabbit) thinks that Corinthian McVittie was right, and attempts to fly himself/herself/itself. The difference between this and the origonal TMO release is the music has mostly been cut out and any references to thmusic has been cut out. As well as the SunnyVille Sheriff has mostly been removed. Other than that, the movie is the same. This movie did not do so well, however, perhaps the idea of someone jumping off a roof was done twice already and there was no need for a third movie. Or perhaps the humour was no longer random, but was dry-witted this time. Anyway, it still is my favourite Flying Without Wings movie.
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