Terror Tales Three

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Description: Rated TP-17 Welcome back To 666 Terror Terrace; This Time Elmyra Empress of The Dark joins Terrance Tyrone Terrible! Where they are ready To Tell you more Terrifying Tales of Tortuous Torment and Treacherous Trials in the Third dimension!!! I hope you’re not Too Timid Teeheeheee! Terror Tales is done with “80’s TV horror” Styling so sit back, relax and enjoy the show! RED/CYAN anaglyph glasses are required to view this fillm. Visit www.pimptightstudios.com where you can Stream in the movies section or you can download the super high quality version in the download section (recommended) Cast RJANACONDA as Terrance Tyrone Terrible/ Ghetto Guy/ Street Racer/Kid 2/Demonic Voice Susan Luv as Elmyra Mistress of the Dark/Bobbi Baker JosephKW as Camp Master Ford Matt Alfrey as Issac Crane Howitzer as Max Vance Void as Ichabod Crane Bentuttle90 as Foreman Bella as Kid 1 RpoShard as Mr. Baker Fallen Thomas as Kid 3 Jon Anthony as Junkie Kattie as Secretary Spooky Sounds from Eternal Darkness game All Music by BCE Records. SPECIAL THANKS: Shout out to Susan Luv for bailing me out and saving my film. Elemental Designs for all the online tutorials and tips giving me the knowledge to make this film.
Categories: Horror Action Comedy