The Water and the Woods

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Description: Industry 101 presents a Userjosh9874 production... THE WATER AND THE WOODS Young girls are disappearing in the outskirts of a small town, called Black River. Two detectives follow a lead to a hotel in the middle of the woods. When they become isolated within the sinister place due to a violent storm, suspicion begins to rise, and unimaginable horrors are around every corner. With no other options, their only hope is to confront the unknown... Or will the unknown confront them first? CAST (In order of appearance) : Josephkw as Detective Henry Hewitt Perkybunny as Detective Cecilia Brown Azuresama as Emily Richards K4ownzall as The Innkeeper Killer_Actress as Hope Pixiestix as Lilith Userjosh9874 as Hooded Figure Pookashells as Hooded Figure Yamimarik as Hooded Figure OD-Ork-Boy as Hooded Figure (Uncredited) Sisch as The Monster...
Categories: Art House Horror